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Clubhouse Bayonne, NJ

This is a Clubhouse Amenities Area for a job in Bayonne, NJ.  We fabricated wall panels, and columns using Makore wood veneer.  We also made the custom cabinetry for this project.

Lobby Bayonne, NJ

This is a Lobby for a high rise building in Bayonne, NJ.  We fabricated wall panels and staircase surround in Makore wood veneer.  We also fabricated a large mirror frame on the opposite wall in Wenge.

Pizza Shop

We fabricated cabinetry for a pizza shop remodel using a high density polyethylene material.  This material was chosen for its durability, and can be used indoors or outdoors, and is resistant to scratches.  It is easy to clean and will not delaminate, chip, or swell.

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